Young people in co-working creative space - Youth millennial generation and business technology concept

Almost two-thirds (65%) of 24-35 year olds say PTO is the top benefit they look for when choosing an employer, followed closely by a flexible work schedule (58%). This data comes from a recent survey by Georgetown University in partnership with Bank of America, which also found that 73% of working-age Gen Z and younger millennials want benefits that can go with them if they change jobs. 

This group is also not strongly tied to their work. Almost seven in 10 (68%) view work as a way to make a living, not as a source of personal fulfillment or a big part of their identity. In addition, 54% plan to switch to another field or career, with 46% saying they will definitely or probably change jobs/fields in the next year. These data support those from another recent survey that found that 42% of workers are considering quitting, and 58% those are thinking about changing careers.

According to Paul Almeida, dean and William R. Berkley Chair at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, business leaders have a responsibility to understand the changing nature of work. “We believe business can be the greatest force for good in the world – and that starts by looking inward at our employees, our students, and our stakeholders. When we create a culture of wellness and care for others, we enable our best and brightest to succeed personally and professionally.”