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Happy New Year! As we enter 2023, there’s a lot of uncertainty about what the year will bring for the staffing industry. But as they say, “the best defense is a good offense!” The firms that fare the best this year will be the ones that proactively address today’s challenges with an eye toward setting themselves up for long-term success.

To help you do that, here are our top pieces of content from 2022 that offer insights to help you make good business decisions in 2023.

Industry reports

State of Staffing 2022

Our annual industry benchmarking report dives into what the fastest-growing staffing agencies are doing to supercharge their success. Even though 2022 is over, the report is still a treasure trove of valuable information for 2023 decision-making, especially when it comes to selecting your staffing tech stack.

Keep an eye out for our State of Staffing 2023 report, which will be released this spring.

The State of Client Experience Management

Staffing agencies have been laser-focused on candidate experience for many years now — but it’s not just candidates they have to impress. Forward-thinking agencies are also transforming their operations to better meet the expectations of their clients. We surveyed over 100 staffing agency leaders to find out how they’re changing communication methods, embracing technology, and eliminating friction to enhance the client experience.


2023 Salaries Expected to Lag Behind Inflation: Mercer

With competition for talent still high, 2023 salaries are expected to increase, even as inflation continues to impact budgets. According to Mercer, the average merit increase will be 3.8% this year, compared to last year’s 3.4%.

These Employees Have the Highest Quit Rates – Here’s How to Keep Them Around

The Great Resignation has had a broad impact, but it’s affecting certain industries and worker groups more than others. A closer look at the types of employees who are more likely to leave their jobs (or the workforce entirely) reveals that many of their reasons for doing so are nothing new. They’re dealing with longstanding challenges that have only been amplified during the pandemic. And now is the time to address them.

5 Attributes of a Toxic Culture, According to Glassdoor Reviews

Toxic culture is one of the best predictors of employee turnover. The challenge is that there isn’t an agreed-upon definition of what makes a culture toxic. To get a better handle on the issue, researchers analyzed more than 1.3 million Glassdoor reviews from employees at large companies. The results point to five attributes of a toxic culture.

What’s Next for Remote Work?

At the start of the pandemic, remote work allowed many workers, especially those without roles requiring on-site work, to keep working while staying safe from infection and caring for their families. Now that the pandemic’s impact on teleworking has lessened significantly, these businesses are faced with an important decision — keep remote work indefinitely, adopt a hybrid model, or force their employees to come back to the office.

The Staffing Show Episodes

This year on The Staffing Show, we heard from numerous industry experts on everything from using data to maximize results to the importance of personal and professional growth. Here are five episodes that speak specifically to strategies that will help you grow your agency, even in times of extreme headwinds.