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Our top articles for August include a look at the 2023 Mid-Year Pulse Survey to gauge how staffing leaders are revising expectations in the second half of the year, a guest article that explores seven components of a solid retention strategy, and a piece highlighting a report that found more than one-third (36%) of hiring managers lie to candidates during the hiring process.

#1. [Report] State of Staffing: 2023 Mid-Year Pulse Survey

The  Mid-Year Pulse Survey provides a look at the changing expectations of staffing leaders since January 2023. At the beginning of the year, most (85%) leaders were projecting growth. The mid-year pulse survey found that more than half of respondents decreased their growth projections. It also provides a look at what leaders are looking toward in the last half of 2023.

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#2. The Staffing Struggle: Addressing the Top 10 Industry Challenges

This article by Text-Em-All Head of Marketing, Ron Kinkade, explores the top 10 challenges staffing agencies face and offers text-messaging solutions to solve each challenge. Text messaging provides a higher open rate (98%) compared to e-mail (20%) and, on average, text messages are read in under five seconds. 

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#3. Seven Ways to Retain Sales and Recruitment Staff

In this article, guest author Kim Henderson outlines the key components of a good retention strategy, such as creating an advancement path that includes a promotion structure for all producers; providing continuous education, learning, and development opportunities; and embracing flexible work arrangements.

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#4.  Chris Sund, President of Uniti Med Staffing, on Leading a Heart-Led Staffing Company

Chris Sund, President of Uniti Med Staffing, joined the most recent episode of The Staffing Show to share lessons from his experience in healthcare staffing. During the episode he shares incentives they have used to attract and retain employees. He also talks about how the pandemic accelerated the talent shortage and shares what his company is doing to fill these key positions.

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#5. 36% of Hiring Managers Lie to Candidates:

A survey from revealed that over one-third (36%) of hiring managers lie to candidates in the hiring process. Managers were most likely to lie about the role’s responsibilities (40%), followed by growth opportunities (39%) and career development opportunities (38%). More than half (55%) said they have had employees resign when they discovered they were lied to.

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