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Our top articles for September include a guest piece that explores the positive impacts of candidate care in the hiring process, highlights from BLS and SIA industry reports, and a podcast episode about the future of AI in staffing. 

#1. Candidate Care Is Lacking: 5 Ways Recruiters Can Step Up Their Game

In this article, Lesly Cardec, SVP ClearEdge Recruiting and Marketing, touches on the various ways recruiters can improve results by focusing on candidate care. Candidate care is defined as how candidates are treated throughout the hiring and onboarding process. Cardec recommends ways to improve this experience, such as being human, getting to know candidates, and communicating consistently.

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#2. U.S. Economy Projected to Add ~4.7 Million Jobs Through 2032

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the U.S. economy will gain almost 4.7 million jobs from 2022 to 2032. Total employment growth is forecast to be 0.3% annually. This is slower than the 1.2% annual growth that was experienced between 2012 and 2022, due to slower population growth. 

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#3. Staffing Industry Revenue to Decline 10% in 2023, Increase 3% in 2024: SIA

The latest forecast from Staffing Industry Analysts shows that the U.S. staffing industry will end the year with revenue down 10% to $201.7 billion, largely due to a 30% decrease in travel nursing. Next year, SIA expects industry revenue to grow 3%.

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#4. Current and Future Clinical Research Hiring Trends

In this article, Steve Matas and Matt Gallant of Advanced Clinical, discuss the current state of hiring in the pharmaceutical and related sectors. They discuss the recent short-lived surge related to COVID-19, as well as their top four predictions for the future hiring market. 

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#5. Corey Grissom, Head of Business Development at Opus Match, on the Future of AI in Staffing

Corey Grissom, Head of Business Development at Opus Match, joined The Staffing Show to discuss how AI has impacted the staffing industry. He touches on the many ways AI implementation can lead to a better experience for both candidates and agencies and shares his thoughts on the indispensable nature of human-to-human connection.

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