staffing webinars

Recruiters always need to be on top of the latest tools and trends in their industry. Conferences and corporate trainings are a great way to learn tips and insider secrets to take your job to the next level. But that can cost you time and money that you may not always have to spend. So we’ve compiled a list of on-demand staffing webinars that you can watch anytime, without ever leaving your desk.

1. Transformational Talent: Portrait of the High-Potential Workforce

Bianca Rehmer from Indeed leads this webinar on how to ignore standard assessments in recruiting and what to do instead to find the top talent to transform your company. You can expect to learn:

  • how to implement new recruiting strategies
  • how to build a repeatable system to get top talent
  • how to use Indeed in your search

The webinar also features survey results on what hiring managers look for in top talent and how those candidates choose their next position.  

2. Staffing Industry Sales & Marketing Communication Benchmarking Webinar


To improve your customer relations and time-to-fill, you need the right technology. Erich Hugunin and Ted Guggenheim from TextUs discuss what the fastest-growing staffing firms are doing right while David Folwell from The Growth Co. and Staffing Hub moderates. You’ll learn the data and techniques successful firms use for communication and social media, how fast they can close deals, and what software they are using to do it — all in just over 30 minutes.

3. Developing a Culture of Accountability Within Your Staffing Firm

Note: ASA Membership Required

ASA presents this webinar on how to improve accountability. In doing so, companies can see improved client relations, more efficiency, and better numbers. Watch to learn how accountability is a team effort and how to start implementing it today.

4. 5 Recruiting Strategies for Filling Your Funnel Faster


Katrina Kibben from RecruitingDaily moderates a panel of recruiting experts as they talk about how to reduce or avoid candidate’s negative experience with the application process. The presenters include Oracle’s Celinda Appleby, Thad Price from Jobs2Careers, and talent manager Alan Fluhrer. They’ll give you tips on how to streamline your recruiting and improve your time to fill.

5. How a Little Data Can Mean Big Things for Recruiting and HR


Your HR data is key to your success, and you can make it work smarter with the right analytics. This 60-minute webinar from SHRM discusses the importance of a unified talent management system in recruiting. Learn how it can transform your business. Monster Worldwide’s Patrick Healy will teach you how to improve employee performance, lower turnover, and improve retention.   

As you can see, there are low-commitment high-impact resources available to take your recruiting to the next level. And you didn’t even have to leave the office.   

Don’t have time to watch a webinar right now? Check out our Staffing Industry Sales & Marketing Communication Benchmarking Report.