How to Recruit Gen Z

With the constant talk of Millennials, it’s easy to overlook the newest group of people filtering into the workforce: Generation Z. This group was born as early as 1990 and all the way through 2010. They are characterized as being entrepreneurial, ready to work, adept problem-solvers and multi-taskers, and they are the first generation of true tech natives. Here are 5 ways to attract Generation Z candidates.

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Lead with meaning and value

Gen Z is very socially active and value-driven. They want to work for companies that reflect values that they believe in and do work that has a positive impact in the community. Get the attention of Gen Z by communicating how your agency makes a difference in the world. Open with your agency’s mission, and you will attract like-minded candidates.

Be authentic

Gen Z is more than willing to work for the right company for them. Your agency’s branding should clearly reflect the mission and culture of the organization in the way that it actually is, not what wants to be some day. So if you claim to have certain values as an agency, you better practice what you preach, or these workers will bounce.  

Highlight room for advancement

These folks don’t just want a job; they want a career. Gen Z wants to feel secure in their positions with plenty of room to move up the ladder of a company. Also, short-term benefits mean more to them than a far-flung future payoff. So, having a growth and advancement timeline that begins now will be more meaningful to them, especially if it customized for their strengths and how they contribute to the big picture of a company. Encourage your clients to create these career maps as they look to recruit Gen Z employees.

Tap cutting edge recruiting channels

Short visual content pieces, via platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, will be the recruiting channels that resonate the most with Gen Z. This generation is very social, and they prefer face-to-face interaction, so using Facetime and Skype is a great way to meet them if you can’t do so in person.

Stay visible

Reach this generation where they are: online. Have a strong SEO ranking. If you are not findable — especially from a mobile device, you’ll have a tough time accessing this group. Gen Z also likes to cross-check multiple sources and platforms, so keep your website and all social accounts are regularly updated and maintained with the latest digital trends and conventions. And first impressions are important — another reason to keep your branding consistent.

Build your brand with recruiting Gen Z in mind. Tailor your message to them and their values of growth, mentorship, flexibility, and social consciousness. Have a strong online presence and a high profile in the communities or industries that you serve. And to do this, you must stay on top of all the social media and marketing trends. Create visual content on a regular basis, using video, emoji, and other expressive forms that convey the personality of your agency. Be searchable and have clear, findable information on your website.

Starting early with recruiting this generation will help later on as they are the largest generation on the planet, and it’s only a matter of time before they dominate the workforce. To begin finding Gen Z candidates, check out our eBook, How Your Recruiters Should be Using Social Media.