We’re proud to announce the launch of the 2018 State of Staffing Industry Growth Benchmarking Report, co-sponsored by TextUs, Erecruit, and StaffingReferrals. Thanks to the hundreds of staffing industry professionals who participated in our annual survey, we can better understand some of the top sales and marketing tactics for staffing firms.

As we do each year in our annual report, we separated the top-growth firms (greater than 21%+ growth in 2017 and expected growth of 21%+ in 2018), and we compared this to the slow-growth firms (less than 5% growth in 2017) to identify what helps the fastest growing firms scale their businesses.

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As the staffing industry continues to evolve, we’re seeing three major shifts take place: staffing firms are adopting technologies to improve the talent experience, recruiters are shifting from cold calls to Facebook and text messaging, and the staffing firms that close faster grow faster.

This year’s report will help you see how you compare to your staffing industry peers. It will shed light on the tools and tactics used by the fastest growing staffing firms, and it will break down specific strategies used by some of the top companies.