As we wrap of 2019, we looked back on all the research, interviews, and industry insight we’ve created over the past few years. We’ve grown and learned a lot and wanted to share some of it with you. 

Here are our most-read articles of all time. Enjoy!

2019 State of Staffing Industry Growth Report

We’re happy to share the fourth annual State of Staffing Industry Growth Benchmarking Report with you. This year, we connected with staffing industry professionals to gain insight into what strategies, tools, and tactics support success in today’s competitive market.

To give you insights into what drives growth and what doesn’t, we’ve separated the top-growth firms from their slower-growth counterparts. Our goal is to share real-world examples of how the fastest-growing firms operate differently.

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Staffing and Recruiting Conferences and Events

Learn what’s new in the staffing industry and network with other professionals in your field. Here’s a comprehensive list of staffing conferences and events in the U.S. and internationally in 2020.

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Referrals Remain Largest Hiring Source

In 2016, 45% of internal hires and 30% of all hires came from referrals more than any other individual source, says SilkRoad’s Sources of Hire report. Incidental benefits from hiring referrals include better retention rates, lower hiring costs, and more quality hires.  

Even though 62% of interviews come from external sources such as job boards, staffing agencies, and job fairs, they only amount to 48% of actual hires. The other 52% comes from internal sources like referrals and in-house recruiters. And yet, according to an HR expert, companies spend less money and energy on referrals than any other recruiting stream.

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iPlace CEO Hank Levine on Gamifying Growth, Training and Experimenting Constantly, and Communicating with Data

iPlace USA ties its success to more than just quick, quality placements. This international RPO, based in the US and India, has built a revolutionary employee growth system that values the entire individual. By gamifying growth, encouraging constant learning and experimentation, and nurturing the whole person, iPlace has seen tremendous dividends.

They’ve been honored by Inc. 5000 as a fastest-growing company and reaching a growth rate of 114% and $5.1 M in annual revenue. They expect to grow to 10,000 employees by 2025. We sat down with iPlace President and CEO Hank Levine to learn about the company’s unique take on staffing.

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The Digital 100

Staffing Hub used your Alexa rank and related data to understand how well your site has been performing over the past three months. We compared the websites of hundreds of top competitors in the staffing and recruiting industry and culled the list to the top 100.

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How a Medical Error Got Matt Pierce, CEO of Trusted Health, into the Healthcare Staffing Industry

In this episode, I’m at The Travelers Conference, the only conference held just for travel nurses and healthcare staffing agencies. I sat down with Matt Pierce, the co-founder and CEO of Trusted Health, in a noisy hotel lobby (forgive the racket of an endless ice machine in the background at the beginning). We talked about authentic leadership, building nurse advocacy into the very DNA of healthcare staffing, and how predictive analytics can help hospitals meet the growing demands of an aging population.

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The Staffing Show, Episode 2: AMN President Ralph Henderson 

In this episode of The Staffing Show, Caitlin Delohery, the Editor in Chief of Staffing Hub, interviews Ralph Henderson, the President of Staffing and Professional Services for AMN Healthcare, about creating a people-driven culture as you scale, adopting the tech that helps recruiters thrive, and making Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies list.

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There you have it — our top reads ever! Looking for more? Check out all our podcast episodes.