The 2020 State of Staffing Industry Growth Webinar is now available to stream. Bringing together staffing industry leaders to discuss growth benchmarks, the impact of COVID-19, and what the future may hold, the webinar gives you insight into where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed.

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Our Editor in Chief, Caitlin Delohery, and our President, David Folwell, were joined by staffing industry thought leaders for an engaging roundtable:

An Overview of an Unprecedented Year

During the webinar, we take a look at 2020 as a whole in the webinar to understand the evolution from where we’ve been to where we’re going.

The Start of 2020

We hold a retrospective of the “old normal” — what the industry was experiencing during the relative equilibrium of Q1.

Firms were concerned with sourcing, smart automation, and improving the candidate experience. They were expecting growth rates consistent with recent years. Many fast-growth firms were relying on smart automation, quick communication, and tried and true sourcing strategies to remain competitive.

The Beginning of the Pandemic

Then, at the start of the pandemic in Q2, there was a lot of scrambling to meet uncertainty caused by seismic changes. Staffing firms adapted to working from home, many managed layoffs, and created systems to work with leaner teams. Also, with the increase in unemployment, many firms shifted from the candidate focus to a greater focus on finding clients.

A Promising Future

Finally, we look towards the future with our panel of industry experts. We discuss how successful staffing firms will adopt a hybrid approach that includes the best tactics from before the pandemic and the new imperatives of this new normal.

For example, we’ll see firms responding to fluctuating demand by shifting the primary sourcing focus back and forth between candidates and clients, depending on need. The experience for both candidates and clients will be paramount, as competition will continue to be stiffer than ever. And we’ll see an enduring focus on intelligent automation and smart tech choices, as firms continue to do more with less. 

Tune in now to hear more on how to prepare for Q4 and beyond.

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