The State of Staffing Webinar is now available on-demand. Backed by the data of the State of Staffing Industry Growth Report, the webinar explores how the fastest-growing firms source, communicate, and close differently. It also offers actionable takeaways, tactics, and tools that will help you grow your staffing firm.

  • How early adoption and smart tech choices power growth
  • How automation and next-wave communication tools improve the candidate experience
  • How text messaging will help recruiter communication continue to evolve
  • How firms can make innovative use of the top lead sources

Presented by David Folwell, StaffingHub president and co-founder, this webinar also offers a detailed look into the staffing megatrends that will define the future of the industry.

  • Technology adoption for automation, talent engagement, and gig economy management
  • Recruiter communication shifting from cold calls to social media, text, and inbound sales
  • Staffing firms shifting focus to improve candidate experience to drive renewals and referrals

The webinar also explores new ways to calculate and think about candidate lifetime value, emphasizing the power of renewals and referrals and exploring the tools that can help you make the most of your existing candidate networks. Rather than limiting sourcing strategies just to generating new candidates, the webinar helps you think about the candidate’s journey more holistically to choose smarter tools and maximize ROI.

“Great presentation,” one attendee of the live webinar said. “I hope it can help me convince my company we need to make some big changes.”

Ready to shake things up? Stream the State of Staffing webinar now.